The Rifle Range

Upon arriving at the KVR, you will be able to shoot at our world-class covered rifle range in order to ensure functionality and accuracy. With a wide array of targets ranging from 25 to 1,000 yards, you can bring your whole collection and shoot it all! Regardless of what time you arrive, our lighted range makes it easy to check functionality and accuracy.

Our rifle range is equipped with paper and steel targets from 100 yards to 500 yards and steel targets out to 1000 yards. We’ve equipped each target line with a 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” gong target. The range is configurable so that we can add and remove various targets to meet our shooters needs. We provide a safe, enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for all shooters from beginners to the experienced.


The Pistol Range

Our world-class pistol range is equipped with a wide array of steel targets to include: knock-overs, plate racks, spinners, pepper poppers, dueling tree, hostage target, IPSC “C” Zone, Double Helix, and the infamous “Texas Star”.

As an added bonus, we've included all 8 stages of the Steel Challenge and a tactical pit for the more competitive shooters.


3D Archery

With targets ranging from 10-to-70 yards, you can feel confident that you and your equipment are performing at an optimal level. Our 3D archery and hiking trails are set up with numerous targets simulating pigs, turkeys, deer, bear and others. In order to simulate proper shooting angles, we can set up 3D targets at our 20’ tower blind with 5’ walk-around porch. This allows bow hunters to launch arrows at realistic, wild game targets from a height of 20’ and as far away as you desire. It’s a unique opportunity to safely shoot 3D targets at longer ranges with your bow.