You like to hunt? We've got it all.


Every hunt at KAIAN Vista Ranch is a world class experience. Our quintessential Texas Hill Country setting allows for a spectacular year-round experience. Whatever your pleasure, we can accommodate your brand of hunting. Bow, Spot and Stalk, Rifle, Handgun or Black Powder, we let our hunters choose including Safari Style Hunting or traditional Texas style hunting from one of of our executive blinds.

Hunters of any age and experience level are welcome at KAIAN Vista Ranch and we especially love to have first time hunters join us! We take great pride in helping to educate young and new hunters about the ethical responsibilities of hunting.

The majority of our hunting packages are 1-2 nights at the KVR Hunter’s cabin. A normal day will have us in the field for a morning and evening hunt. Custom hunt packages for multiple wild game animals are available upon request and discounts will apply.

Below is a little more detail on the specific game at KAIAN Vista Ranch.


The Wingshooting Experience


Continental Shoot

A fast paced shooting experience with a variety of shot presentations in a more controlled setting.

Upland Bird

A traditional walk-up upland bird hunt with an experienced guide and exceptional KVR gun dogs


Expect the Wingshooting adventure of a lifetime at KAIAN Vista Ranch. Your experience will be unmatched whether your pleasure is dove, pheasant, chukar or quail.

When you embark on a game bird hunt, the recipe is simple, we limit the number of hunters in the field which takes pressure off the birds. Whatever your pleasure, you’re ensured a relaxed and stress-free hunt. 

Inquire for duck or turkey hunts.    

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Tower shoot gallery


The Hog Hunting Experience

Wild Hog


We frequently get asked “Why is wild hog hunting so popular in Texas?” Because it’s a tremendous amount of fun with fantastic appeal to hunters regardless of  age or skill level. The challenge of hunting wild hogs is truly an affordable hunt with no seasonal restrictions; wild hogs can be hunted 24/7/365 days a year! It’s no wonder that most of our hunters find themselves addicted to Texas wild hog hunting! Click to download the flyer for more information and rates.

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The Exotics Experience




Axis Deer


Blackbuck Antelope

Sika Deer

Scimitar Oryx



If EXOTIC hunting is your passion, then KAIAN Vista Ranch has the hunt of your dreams. Each fully guided hunt is unique. Our professionally maintained herds of exotic species roaming the ranch include Axis deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Aoudad Sheep, Scimitar Oryx, Wildebeest, Sable and Blackbuck antelope. Having such a broad diversity of exotics allows us to offer individual, family, and corporate group hunting throughout the year. Download a species-specific description and rate sheet here:

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The Whitetail Experience



Need a great campfire story to tell? KAIAN Vista Ranch is the ideal habitat and hunting terrain for Trophy Whitetail deer. Our success in putting you onto the largest whitetail you may ever encounter begins with the unique outdoor adventure led by our highly skilled guides. After your Whitetail experience at KAIAN Vista Ranch, you’ll have plenty of stories that will be told and retold over campfires for years to come. 

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